Creative Action against Discrimination

Social Media

Social media, the new tool to fight discrimination

In the last 15 years, the transformation of technology has changed the way we communicate with people. The web and social media are no longer just a place to extract information.  Today’s use of the Internet is very different from what it was at the beginning; nowadays, the content we find on the Internet is generated by the users themselves, so it can be said that the web has become the definitive tool for giving a voice to people who did not have it. 

More and more users are joining these media to participate actively through the invisibility provided by the Internet. The problem is that these voices are often not used to build harmonious social coexistence and highlight social issues, but rather to perpetuate discrimination. 

Social media are very attractive and popular tools in society, which makes them easy to use for all kinds of people. We wanted to extract the communicative possibilities offered by these tools to use them creatively against discrimination. 

Therefore, we have created this document/toolkit for a 20h workshop, full of activities and exercises that will work in a group and practical way on the topic of discrimination. 

In this toolkit, facilitators will find exercises to learn how to use popular social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tik-tok etc, techniques and tools to deal with discriminatory campaigns, tools to create engaging posts and responses and many tips and practices that will help to make everything learned during the workshop extrapolable to everyday life. 

To be able to do this workshop, it is not necessary to buy any extra material; the only thing that is needed are the smartphones of each participant and different applications that will be downloaded for free in each practice. 

The aim of this type of workshop is to make participants aware of those problems of our societies and to learn how to use tools and instruments that society as a whole has at its fingertips in order to carry out an active and collective fight against discrimination. 


Link to the toolkits: